Glenn T. Black's Autobiography

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Country Boy     (rich text   Adobe Acrobat  Word) -- Glenn Black's early life

Glenn Black's father's family, 1890 (click on thumbnail)

Glenn's father's name was Matthew.  Matthew's father's name was John, and his mother's Margaret.

Black_family_1890.jpg (100973 bytes)    Front row: Matthew, Father, Amelda, Mother, Mary. Back row: Margaret, Tom, Anna. (Right click here to download and save high resolution, 1 MB file)

Glenn Black's father's family, 1896

Black_family_1896.jpg (85274 bytes)        Back row: Mary, Anna, Tom, Margaret. Front row: Mother, Amelda, Father, Matthew.  (Right click here to download and save high resolution, 0.9 MB file)


Four Full Years     (rich text  Adobe Acrobat  Word) -- the war years

lt glenn black.jpg (52948 bytes)   

Album of a few Black pictures (I am trying to obtain higher resolution copies of some of these.)

Audio of Glenn T. Black, "My Longest Day" (10 MB, mp3 format, 62 minutes)

Mission 56 - June 22, 1944
B25 Pilot and Squadron Leader in WWII

A message delivered by Glenn Black at Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in 1982.  Thank you to Terry K. Miller, a member of that congregation, who copied this from a cassette tape.  For a larger file (100 MB) of slightly higher audio quality, contact me (jwm1@ this domain name).

Audio of Glenn T. Black speaking on "My Longest Day" (6.4 MB, mp3 format, 56 minutes) to the students at Open Bible Christian School, Newberg, Oregon, on May 29, 2012.


Retreaded     (rich text   Adobe Acrobat   Word) -- from World War 2 to Glenn's retirement from the ministry


Winding Down (Adobe Acrobat format) (Word format) -- from Glenn Black's retirement on . . .

The Rev. Glenn T. Black was my pastor when I was a sophomore in high school.  I have valued his preaching, his counsel, his example, and his friendship.  One of the joys of serving the congregation I do has been having him and, until her death, Carmen in our midst following his retirement (an interesting role reversal).   A few pleasant hours spent flying with Glenn at the controls as we traveled to or from a distant presbytery meeting will not be forgotten.  Thank you, Glenn, for your service for your country and for many things!

His autobiography is something his family has urged him to write.  Four Full Years was written first, followed by Country BoyRetreaded, and now, Winding Down.  The autobiography is included here with his (somewhat reluctant) permission.


Photo courtesy of Carmen Black and Bonnie Nygren